5 Must Have Features for Every eCommerce

5 Must Have Features for Every eCommerce

5 must have ecommerce features4

Feature #1: Product Add-ons customization

Add customized options and extra services (free or paid) to your products and offer them to your users.

If you sell your products online, you most likely need advanced selection options. For example, if you sell rings or jewelry, you might need to let your customers add a custom text to be engraved in a piece of jewelry or choose carats for a gemstone, the size, the color for gold.

If you sell T-shirts, cups, and other custom items, you certainly need a field to let your customers upload files, like their photos, during the checkout process. Or if you run an e-commerce site for tech products, you might want to offer warranty and assistance services for an extra cost or allow users to select a large number of options like RAM, processor, screen size, weight, etc.

5 must have ecommerce features3

Feature #2: Back In Stock Notifications

  • Turn your sold-out products into waitlists that anyone can join.
  • Send automated emails to your customers when their favorite products are restocked.
  • Recover lost sales, build customer loyalty, and gain deeper insights into your inventory.
5 must have ecommerce features2

Feature #3: Recover Abandoned Cart

Contact users who have added products to cart without completing the order and try to recover them.

You will be able to recover many purchases left unfinished by sending emails including a coupon to users who haven’t completed the order to encourage them to purchase.

5 must have ecommerce features1

Feature #4: Product Image Watermark

This feature allows you to apply watermark on your products images. These watermarks can be an image copyright symbol, company logo or any piece of branding.
5 must have ecommerce features5

Feature #5: 360 product view

Easy to operate to have every aspect of your 360 product spins via a familiar interface.